Freitag 24.11.2017
Indie Rock Night

Shannon Wright US

Xiu Xiu US

Indie-Disco aftershow by Borst 

© Jason Maris

Samstag 25.11.2017
Oh My F*cking God! presents:


Attack Vertical FR

Oldsun FR

Mittwoch 29.11.2017
You Only Live Twice, Rap, Gangsta Rap

Freddie Gibbs US


Aftershow by Shady 

Donnerstag 30.11.2017
33 Tours et puis s'en vont

La Bombe Platine 

Alain Mojito 

DJ Perdumonchienvouslauriezpasvu? 

DJ Schnabronegro 

Freitag 01.12.2017
Start Your Engines! Let's Blast Off to a New Dimension!

Duplex Festival 2018 : IGNITION 

Zozo Macadam Mambo | Istanbul

Sky Captain Le Collage, Mascarpone Tunes | Zurich

Cosmic Sid Studio 1157 | Fribourg

Samstag 02.12.2017
Brotherhood of the Snake European Campaign 2017

Testament US

Annihilator CA

Death Angel US

Mittwoch 06.12.2017
Desert Blues

Tinariwen ML

Tshegue FR

© Marie Planeille 

Donnerstag 07.12.2017
Belgian Indie-Pop

Girls in Hawaii BE

Don't Kill The Beast CH

Afterparty : Superpop Superrock 

Donnerstag 07.12.2017
Girls in Hawaii Afterparty

Superpop Superrock 



Freitag 08.12.2017
No Lights, No VJ, Just Bass

Deep Black 

Ossia UK