Vendredi 03.02.2017

Nick Waterhouse US

Mercredi 08.02.2017

Jay-Jay Johanson SWE

Dimanche 12.02.2017

Plants and Animals CA

Vendredi 17.02.2017

Duplex I House & Techno Night 

Vendredi 10.03.2017

The Black Heart Procession US


Samedi 31.12.2016

New Year's Eve o'clock tonight!

Vendredi 30.12.2016

Tonight: Rösti o'clock

Mercredi 28.12.2016

Tonight: Ping Pong o'clock


Jeudi 19.01.2017
Metal, Sludge, Hardcore

Oh My F*cking God! 

Lilium Sova CH

Reaptile CH

Toast Machine CH

Afterparty with : 

DJ Claude Smoke Cold Smoke Records

DJ CopKiller Czar of Crickets Records

Vendredi 20.01.2017
Soul-Funk to Boogie-Disco, Old School

Let Me Ride 

DJ Yogy 

Samedi 21.01.2017
The Baddest Bass in Town



Inca CH

Ryck CH

Sylek CH

Hosted by MC Stone 

Jeudi 26.01.2017
Roots Reggae

Ital Cuts #19 

Zion Tree Sound System 

Vendredi 27.01.2017
House, Disco, Techno & Unknown Groove

Autoreverse: Science, Bitch! 

DJ SCM Berlin | Warm Tapes Adjustement

Pascal Viscardi Genève | Traxx Underground

Marge Fribourg

Samedi 28.01.2017
You need to rock - they need support





DJ Aton Afterparty

Jeudi 02.02.2017
Funky Grooves All Night Long, Vinyl Only! Move On Up, Get a Mixtape and Dance Your Ass Off!

Tape Deck Vol. 12 

Red Eye Flight 


Vendredi 03.02.2017
Rhythm'n'Blues, Soul & Funk

Afterparty Soulville 

DJs Trottles of the Dead 

Vendredi 03.02.2017
Vintage Sould/Blues/Rock

Nick Waterhouse US

The Animen CH

DJs Trottles of the Dead Afterparty

Samedi 04.02.2017
Studio 1157 invites Early Sounds Recordings | Live electronic, Disco, House

Session #4 

Mystic Jungle Tribe Live IT | Early Sounds Recordings, Periodica Records

Artmaillé Fribourg | Studio 1157

Bassina Fribourg | Studio 1157

Mercredi 08.02.2017
"Whiskey" 20th anniversary

Jay-Jay Johanson SWE

Jeudi 09.02.2017
The Finest Vodka Party!!! Gypsysound, Russendisko, Katjushka Beats, Balkan Brass

Disko Kasatchok 

Los Makos Soundkommune 

Vendredi 10.02.2017

Rock’n’Roll Attack 

The Doogies 

Samedi 11.02.2017
Laisse tomber les filles présente:

Les Saintes-Valentines 

Mzelle Charlotte 

Dj Ngami 

Dj Ayo Wa 

Mo & The Dancing Queens 

Samedi 11.02.2017
Fri-Son fait son cinéma presents:

Valentine Movie Night