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Vendredi 22.05.2015 | doors 22h | 10.-

electro at its best


Gibraltar Vacuum


Samedi 23.05.2015 | doors 21h | 10.-

swiss rock a lot better

Château Rösti

Paradisco (Fribourg/Bern)

Cristallin (Aargau)

One Sentence.Supervisor (Aargau)

Title image of event swiss rock a lot better on 2015-05-23



The moment when everything becomes one by the warm light of the sun and you’re on the edge of a cliff, looking at the play of the waves and feel the wind on your skin. Cristallin from Switzerland, actually a filmmaker, combines visual inspiration with music. Try to dive into his dreamy world and maybe you’ll make it to stop time for a little moment.

One Sentence. Supervisor (AARGAU)

Formed in Baden in 2011, OSS recall the phantoms of the eighties with their catchy, misty new wave pop, unencumbered by too many references. A universe that is hard to categorize, in which omnipresent synthetic sounds meet tense repetitive rhythms without ever becoming tedious. As for their obsessive melodies playing between shadow and light, they are tinged with psychedelic colours that unfold like some celestial stairway towards the imaginary.


This is going to be their very first concert in a concert venue! Une véritable découverte! 



Jeudi 28.05.2015

We are closed because the best place to be this weekend is Bad Bonn Kilbi !

Closed for Bad Bonn Kilbi