Clap! Clap!

Horizon Liquide

Phil Battiekh

Vendredi 02.12.2016
Oriental Acid & Electronic Beats

Acid Arab FR | Live

Clap! Clap! IT

Horizon Liquide CH

Phil Battiekh CH - DJ set

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Showtime Horizon Liquide: 21h00 - Bobine
Showtime Clap ! Clap !: 21:45 - Grande Salle
Showtime Acid Arab: 23h00 - Grande Salle
Showtime Phil Battiek: 00:00 - Bobine

Acid Arab - live
Oriental Acid: combining the coldness of techno and the emotional and dramatic power of the East

Clap! Clap!
Italy’s shiniest talent mixes West African rhythms and melodies with traditional Italian folk and a global harvest of found-sounds smashed through an electronic beat machine mind state.

Horizon Liquide (CH) - live
Sur une ligne floue, où s'agitent les bêtes marines, une anguille, une murène et un chacal des eaux comptent les vagues. Leurs yeux bordés de larmes-algues, le tempo figé dans leurs cerveaux Arc-en-ciel, ils fixent du regard l'Horizon Liquide avec le respect et la plénitude de ceux qui savent. Qui savent faire danser les créatures chimériques sorties des océans pour devenir des hommes.

Phil Battiekh (CH) - dj set

“Phil Battiekh” = arab.: “in the watermelon” = Egy. slang:. “stoned,” “fucked up”

battiekh4Notorious as Europe’s hottest Mahraganat DJ, Phil Battiekh has been one of the main forces pushing Egyptian Mahraganat, Bass and Techno artists on this continent in the past 4 years. When Battiekh gets down and dirty in the DJ booth with the newest tunes and special edits straight from the artists in Cairo, no dancefloor is left unstomped during his sets best described as a sonic Tramadol meltdown. Next to a busy tour schedule Battiekh is currently working on the first ever Mahraganat album in German.