Samedi, 3. Mars 2018


Due to the ongoing weather situation in Europe, we sadly have to announce that an artist won't make it to Duplex Festival 2018 tonight: IGLOOGHOST.

In cooperation with the artist and his agent, we did our very best during these past few hours to make his performance happen, unfortunately we didn’t manage to find an adequate solution. As a result, Simpig and Slugabed will both perform 30min longer.

Furthermore we have to announce, that due to an ear infection, Marsmanwon't be able to perform tonight either:

Statement by Marsman:
"Dear visitors of Duplex Festival,
Due to a heavy left ear infection, i'm not able to play tonight at the Duplex Festival. I'm deeply sorry. This is the first time in my life i have to cancel a gig, and it feels awful. Hopefully i can come to Fribourg in the near future to make it up with you all. I would like to wish you all a great time at the last day of the festival tonight.
Love, Marsman"

We are glad to confirm that we were able to organize a replacement in cooperation with his agency for tonight:
Paul du Lac (Bio Rhythm Records / Clone Records) from Rotterdam is now on his way to Fribourg to perform from 03:30 till 05:00 to finish our festival on the Main Stage!
Find the updated timeline on our website There will be no reduction on the festival tickets and no refunds.

Thank you all for your understanding!  <3
See you again tonight at Fri-Son, we can't wait to keep on celebrating the full spectrum of electronic music with you! Doors at 22.00 and tickets on sale at the door !

Your Duplex Team