Jeudi 14.12.2017
From Rap to Disco, Anything that Makes Your Body Groove!

Tape Deck Vol.16 

Sonido Soul | Aargau 

Red Eye Flight & Ramso | Aargau 

Mercredi 13.12.2017
Bring Your Bat!


Ganj & Facial (CAF) 

Samedi 09.12.2017

Jim The Barber & his Shiny Blades 

Toronaut CH

Vendredi 08.12.2017
No Lights, No VJ, Just Bass

Deep Black 

Ossia UK



Jeudi 07.12.2017
Girls in Hawaii Afterparty

Superpop Superrock 



Jeudi 07.12.2017
Belgian Indie-Pop

Girls in Hawaii BE

Don't Kill The Beast CH

Afterparty : Superpop Superrock 

Mercredi 06.12.2017
Desert Blues

Tinariwen ML

Tshegue FR

© Marie Planeille 

Samedi 02.12.2017
Brotherhood of the Snake European Campaign 2017

Testament US

Annihilator CA

Death Angel US

Vendredi 01.12.2017
Start Your Engines! Let's Blast Off to a New Dimension!

Duplex Festival 2018 : IGNITION 

Zozo Macadam Mambo | Istanbul

Sky Captain Le Collage, Mascarpone Tunes | Zurich

Cosmic Sid Studio 1157 | Fribourg

Jeudi 30.11.2017
33 Tours et puis s'en vont

La Bombe Platine 

Alain Mojito 

DJ Perdumonchienvouslauriezpasvu? 

DJ Schnabronegro