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Donnerstag, 29. März 2018
Post-Metal, Stoner/ Sludge

Oh My F*cking God! 

Impure Wilhelmina GE

Fat Wang FR

After by The Doogies Rock'n'roll Attack til 5am!!

21h | Shows: 21h30


Impure Wilhelmina

Genève | Post-Metal |  Season of Mist-Records

In this day and age, the structure of the Universe is better known than the ocean floor – And we even know less about the depths of the human soul. This is what Impure Wilhelmina has been exploring for about twenty years, and the results are somewhat desperate. The music of the band, which is accompanying this necessarily cathartic observation, is the only one that counts, that which includes all the pain and all the beauty of the world.
This also marks the beginning of Impure Wilhelmina's EU-tour, in support of their latest release, 'Radiation'!


Fat Wang

Fribourg | Stoner/Sludge

FAT WANG is the answer to all questions.
Who am I?
What should I be?
Why life, why death?
Am I too FAT? Am I too thin?
Why is there so much assholes on earth?


After By The Doogies 'till 5am!!