Samstag 09.06.2018

End of Season Party 

DJ El Luchador & Sangu Classic Rap & R&B

Mugabo Hip-Hop from Past to Present

Kai Jin Future Hip-Hop

Vighil House/Techno

Freitag 08.06.2018
Rock'n'Roll and more

Rock'n'Roll Attack 

The Doogies 

Donnerstag 07.06.2018
Disco to House to Breakbeats to Wave To Trap

Studio 1157: Session #8 

Sonntag 27.05.2018
Party Hawaï et Surf

Fri-Party - For Teens Only 

Samstag 26.05.2018
Post-Punk to New Wave to TanzMusik

Néon Tragique 

DJs Rocket Queen & Voight-Kampff 

Freitag 25.05.2018
Rhythm'n'Blues, Soul & Funk


Trottles Of The Dead 

Donnerstag 24.05.2018
Bring Your Bat

Ping Pong #49 

DJ Horasse 

Artmaillé Studio 1157

Mittwoch 23.05.2018
Art-Punk, Post-Punk, Art-Rock

Pere Ubu US

Bracco FR

Montag 21.05.2018
Only Swiss Show

The Jesus And Mary Chain SCO

©Steve Gullick

Samstag 19.05.2018
House To Techno - Finest Electronic Dance Music

Gute Nacht 

Job Sifre NL - Knekelhuis

Parrish Smith NL - L.I.E,S./Knekelhuis

Cosmic Sid + Oase + OneFootStep CH - Studio 1156/Kik Bar