Vendredi, 4. Novembre 2022
Heavy Electronic Music, Hardcore, Nightmare, Ultraspeedcore

XENO - Heavy Electronic Music Night hosted by MAXI-MAXI & curated by VIBRISSE 

Fifibiza  CH

whiterose FR

Bladeblanc IT

Nahshi IT


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For fans of Liza 'N' Eliaz, Gigi D'agostino, DJ Ruffneck, SWAN MEAT, Gabber Modus Operandi

MAXI-MAXI invite the Turin-based duo VIBRISSE to curate and welcome friends from different parts of Europe for an intense event night during which you'll adventure yourself in the most breathtaking instances of electronic music, from heavy metal all the way to hypersonic speed. Cutting-edge contemporary club music, hardcore, and other intense-core fans are welcome to enjoy this one-of-a-kind party with some of the greatest artists from the scene.

MAXI-MAXI invite le duo turinois VIBRISSE à sélectionner et accueillir leurs homologues de différentes parties de l'Europe pour une soirée intense au cours de laquelle vous pourrez vous aventurer dans les instances les plus vertigineuses de la musique électronique, du heavy metal jusque dans les temps les plus hypersoniques. Les fans de musique club contemporaine de pointe, de hardcore et d'autres formes de musique extrême sont les bienvenux pour profiter de cette fête unique en son genre avec certains des plus grands artistes de la scène.


22:00 - 23:00 | Fifibiza
Hardcore, Hardstyle, Hard Dance
Philippa Schmitt is an artist, graphic designer, poetess, DJ, and more. Through all those mediums, she is trying to give a form as intense as she feels them. She wants to visually exacerbate her emotions, in particular thanks to excessive use of decoration, against a so-called “masculine” insensitivity and minimalism. FIFIBIZA is her new musical project, which enriches its universe with a cringecore sound dimension. In the same way, as in her artistic practice, she re-appropriates songs, often linked to teenage fandom, seizes them with excitement, and mixes very diverse styles, from K-pop to dubstep.

23:00 - 00:00 | whiterose
EBM, Metal, Punk
Light in chaos, mosh pit maestro or high voltage queen, Lecxi Doumer, known under the stage name whiterose, is an Amsterdam-based performer, producer, searcher & artist. Throughout the last years, their music and research tend to give a new sonic take on metal music & queer underground. They paired and collaborated with many actors in the scene such as Oxhy, pigbaby, Lyzza & more. Coming from a metal drummer background, whiterose’s music is highly focused on rhythm & sound design, giving heavy hypnotic oscillations, and a very wide frequency spectrum. Pushing the limits between acoustic and electronic sounds. Their music opens doors to an emotional and intimate world filled with screaming and sharp drum lines, distorted melodies yet powerful, yet giving birth to a new form of chaos.

00:00 - 01:00 | Bladeblanc
UK bass, Jungle, Post-club
Bladeblanc is a Milan-based producer, DJ, and multimedia artist who works in the field of digital art with the project Ultracare. She already appeared on influential labels such as Heel.Zone and Eco-Futurism Corporation with her mixture of bass music and post-club which she skillfully collapses into mutant sound chimeras often turning to the darkest side of the spectrum. Mainly inspired by the UK underground scene, she commits to the dancefloor by combining bass and Jungle with grime-ish sounds, a pinch of post-internet exploration, and sharp drumline patterns.

01:00 - 02:00 | Nahshi
Hardcore, Lento Violento, Industrial
Born in Venice and London-based, Nahshi is an Italian DJ / producer who has been pushing a hybrid take on club music, ranging from industrial 100 BPM beats to contemporary software-based, pop-infused electronic music. Known at first thanks to his dancefloor-oriented blends, Nahshi set out to investigate the crushing force of Lento Violento (also known as Slowstyle), an Italian club music genre that originated in the early 00’s based on half-time, heavily-distorted kicks that knock the listener out via genuine Tamarro violence.

02:00 - 03:00 | VIBRISSE
Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Speedcore
VIBRISSE is a two-headed project based in Turin, Italy that puts into music the current digitally augmented society's practice of leveling up past, present, and future timelines in one momentous instant. Focused on contemporary, hybrid club music as well as highly energetic hardcore genres, VIBRISSE works through fast-paced, unpredictable selections on demolishing any separation between genres, people, and emotions.

Visuals by @_eejuan.

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