Vendredi, 15. Décembre 2017
Deep House Techno

Blade&Beard IR

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Film "Ravin Iran" 21h00 (Doors 20h30)


Blade & Beard (Iran) 

Blade & Beard is the musical brotherhood of Anoosh & Arash. Meanwhile based in Switzerland the life of this Iranian duo is portrayed in the award-winning documentary Raving Iran. The documentary follows a period of their life, which is characterised by the illegal nature of electronic music and western symbols throughout the country. Generally, hosting and organising events in Iran is forbidden and the movie portrays their struggle to find trustworthy people, locations and equipment. The duo was always aware of the dangers these activities brought with them and they had to stay as far away as possible from the radical police force.

Inspired by Burning Man, Anoosh & Arash embark on a journey into the Iranian Dessert. Yet years of successful events started attracting tourist, as well as catching the attention of the director of the documentary. Following the duo around Iran and capturing their experiences of creating events and recording, publishing and distributing musical content, the documentary was initially shown in 2013 and has been nominated for multiple European awards.

Concluding in Anoosh and Arash invitation to travel to Switzerland, being able to perform their first official gig, lead them to stay in Europe and search for their luck in a society dedicated to liberty, equality and individuality.

Meanwhile the pair has settled into their life’s in Europe. They have found a new home in Zurich and are touring mainland Europe, demonstrating a long string of successful and engaging performances. The two are set for an exciting summer 2017, with multiple highlights including Tomorrowland, Lighthouse & SMS Festivals. Additionally, throughout June marks the launch of their own label, which will be introduced to the world of electronic music with a dedicated EP by Blade&Beard. Curated directly by the two, their label will provide a dedicated showcase of the deep, driving and melodic sounds that have characterised and shaped their development to one of the hottest European Acts to watch.