Vendredi, 11. Décembre 2015
The Baddest Bass in Town !


Posij NL | Division

Nasjo & Engineer Subvercity

Sylek Neurocide

Elgrin Neurocide

MC Stone Neurocide

Entro.pi Visuals

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UPGRADE is Fri-Son’s preeminent Drum & Bass event that has been tearing up the venue, since its inception by the Neurocide collective. Having hosted world renowned artists and given fresh talent their first bookings in Switzerland, the event has its name on the map, smack bang in the middle of Fribourg! So if you’re looking for the baddest bass in town, you’ve found it! Join us every two months for your dosage of mad beats, insane basslines and all out mayhem!

Introducting UPGRADE December Edition

It’s starting to get chilly again and the nights are getting longer, winter is upon us and the clubbing season is in full swing. Over at Fri-Son, we’ve got some great nights coming up before Christmas, but for all you bass heads, our next UPGRADE will make it seem like it’s already arrived.

Headlining our Drum & Bass event in December is one of Holland’s freshest contributions to the scene. Discovered by Noisia’s very own Martijn and handed an album deal on Division shortly after, Posij (pronounced Pose-Eye) has not ceased to impress since his debut Empty Lungs EP. With further releases on Critical and Shogun, the lad is cementing his reputation as well as Groningen’s as a hotbed for talent. No doubt that there is much more to come and it’s our pleasure to introduce him to the Swiss massive on the 11th.
Backing him up, we’ve got mad Zürich boys Nasjo & Engineer, instigators of the Subvercity subsidiary of the renowned Divercity event label. We’ve never seen them fail to turn a room upside down so it’s gonna be great to have them do their thing for Skully! It’s taken a while to make this happen so we really hope you enjoy their set, no question though, it’s gonna be mental!
One more thing we hope you’ll appreciate: for the first time in ages we’re going to have the whole Neurocide crew on board! That’s right, Elgrin is back to lay down his sounds, joining Sylek and MC Stone in a reunion that is bound to make the sparks fly! We can’t wait for it, the sound system can’t wait for it… all we need is you! Catch you there people! ;-)