Vendredi, 24. Décembre 2010
Out of the darkness we have a light - The Fri-Son X-Mas night !

X-Mas Party 

Agnès (Sthlmaudio, Ge) 

The Real Fake Mc 

& Patchworks (Live, Paris) 

Spectron (Random Acoustics, Be) 

Smat (Jagged, Be) 

Feldermelder (Spezialmaterial) 

Kolt (unreleased kollektiv) 

Dj Mohla (Creaked Records) 


Marc Robert 

Hey Folk's, it's time again for the meeting & melting point in Fribourg on X-Mas eve. Marc Robert, Feldermelder, Billy Ben and J's Bosshard Box have once again prepared a nice universe, with Music Highlights (about as high as the highest Stars in the Sky that Night!) like "The Real Fake MC" from Paris (2nd edition at Fri-Son X-Mas night), together with Patchworks. Unique Date in Switzerland! This "freak", was born in NYC in the early 80's. His mum probably chose to feed with Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambatta's wax instead of motherly milk, but that's OK now, he knows how to feed himself on his own....
The real Fake MC presents an original concept, based on tunes he wrote and produced with Patchworks : a CD "mixtape" with 12 of his own tracks. What you get is an explosive cocktail of modern electro go-go funk, with a strong and unique old school hip hop flow.

For the Dance- and the Leg-Swing Floor we have invited Agnès from Geneva, our best Rollerdisco (and of this Universe) Dj Spectron from Bern, legendary Smatman as Smat (himself), Kolt and his Dubstep-Moonboots, Dj Mohla aka Mister Creaked Records with a totally new "Style" in his Recordbag, DTP Based Bas (it's to cold for WOOD right now!), Virtuoso Marc Robert and his surprising Tunes and Feldermelder to help you get back on your feet whenever you fall.

What can we say - Merry X-Mas!