Jeudi 31.12.2015
rocking soul & shake ur bones for the new year !

Bonaparte CH/DE

for a crazy New Year's Eve 

Salle : funkrock to soul with DJ DC & DJ L.A 

Bobine : Electronic Music with Huggin & Munnin and Jar Jar Ben [Studio 69] IS/CH

Mélissa Jundt

Samedi 26.12.2015
Château Rösti: 100% Swiss Music

Darius CH

Horizon Liquide CH

Anouk & Henry CH


Silent Dog CH

A Baker CH

Vendredi 25.12.2015
Jesus, let's party !



DJ Kassette 

Frank le Tank 

Jeudi 24.12.2015
the legendary

X-MAS Party 

Agnès Accent Grave Disques | Sthlmaudio

Princess P RBMA | Dolce

Asmara live Love Rec



Coconut Jamma Jamma 

VJ Lisa Laser 

Lundi 21.12.2015
Don't Forget your Racket

Ping Pong #36 

Biru Bee & Maxence3000 


Samedi 19.12.2015
"If you don't know, you will know !" Past, Present & Future Hip Hop

Patate Douce 

Tommy Jacob 

Apollinaire, Mugabo & Family 

Vendredi 18.12.2015
supermoon tour

Sophie Hunger CH

Jesse Mac Cormack CA

aftershow : Trottles of the Dead 

© Marikel Lahana

Jeudi 17.12.2015
Studio 1157 invites Hot Jam | Disco, House, Techno

Session #1 

Matto Bärn | Hot Jam, Lay Up

Artmaillé Fribourg, Genève | Studio 1157, ACE

Bassina B2B Cosmic Sid Fribourg | Studio 1157

Samedi 12.12.2015
Soul-Funk to Boogie-Disco old school & co

Let me Ride 

Djs MB & Yogy 

Vendredi 11.12.2015
The Baddest Bass in Town !


Posij NL | Division

Nasjo & Engineer Subvercity

Sylek Neurocide

Elgrin Neurocide

MC Stone Neurocide

Entro.pi Visuals