Donnerstag 28.09.2017
World Music & Electronic Beats

Unimix Party: Oriental Juice 

Charly b2b Oase FR | Nebula Collectiv + Studio 1157

Psycho Weazel NE | A Table

Freitag 29.09.2017
This is not called Love, it's called Techno

A DIFFIKULT Night with Mila Dietrich 

Mila Dietrich FR | Civil Disobedience

Marc de la Haye DIFFIKULT

Septentrio Deep Black

Lisa Laser Visuals

Samstag 30.09.2017
New Album "The Tourist"

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah US

The Ruby Suns NZ

Donnerstag 05.10.2017
Soul-Funk to Boogie-Disco, Old School

Let Me Ride 

DJ Yogy 

Freitag 06.10.2017
Let's Roll and Dance!



Ayo Wa 

Samstag 07.10.2017
Soirée d'ouverture


"Le Jeu " d'après "Le Jeu de l'Amour et du Hasard" 

Concert Brico-Swing Street Lemon CH

Afterparty Electro Swing with Box of Lies 

Donnerstag 12.10.2017
From Rap to Disco, Anything that Makes Your Body Groove!

Tape Deck Vol.15 

Donatt Basel

Ramso Aargau

Freitag 13.10.2017
Electronic Trip Hop

Coldcut UK

Freitag 13.10.2017

Voodoo People 

DJ Diferenz 


VJ Pulp Live Visuals

Samstag 14.10.2017
Vintage Rock

Hanni El Khatib US

Holy Oysters FR

Rock'n'Roll Attack Afterparty