Donnerstag 27.04.2017
Basel Groove


Rainer Konzeptlos, Akiwawa


Freitag 28.04.2017
R'n'B Soul Jazz

Fatima & The Eglo Live Band SE

Pete Josef UK

DJ Ngami Aftershow

Samstag 29.04.2017
Reggae Dub - Only Swiss Show

Danakil FR

Nattali Rize AUS

Lowanka Selekta Aftershow

©Valentin Campagnie

Samstag 29.04.2017

Journée Portes Ouvertes Des Clubs Suisses #2 

Donnerstag 04.05.2017
Balkan Brass to Soviet Electronics

Unimix Party: Russian Night 

Slivovitz Popova Soundsystem 

Pyotr Kurchakov 

Freitag 05.05.2017
Fête de la Dance

Tribute to the Jackson's 

Demos by Esteban & Caroline 

Music by Ngami & Shady 

Samstag 06.05.2017
Patate Douce present :

Lefto BE

"Apollinaire, Mugabo & Family" 

Sonntag 07.05.2017
Fête de la Dance

Hip-Hop Dance Battles & Shows 

Cesame Crew 

Mad Spirits 

Mastazz Dance & Co 

Les Studios Eko-Danse 

Donnerstag 11.05.2017
From Rap to Disco & anything that makes you body groove !

Tape Deck Vol. 14 

Ayo Wa Neuchâtel

Freitag 12.05.2017
The Baddest Bass in Town


Noizesplitter Xenocracy

Sylek Neurocide Records

Mindwalker Rising Sound

Hosted by MC Stone UK

Visual by Strobos