Dienstag 31.12.2013
Kik Step to Next Bar - Bass Music, Advanced Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House & Techno

New Year's Eve 

Mind Against (IT - Life & Death, Kompakt, Cocoon) 

T!ff (Kik Bar) 

OneFootStep (Kik Bar) 

Huggin & Munnin 

Champion (UK - Hyperdub, Formula Records) 

Guyus (Dubexmachina) 

Broods & Kolt (Unreleased Kollektiv) 

Slass & Samgratte (Unreleased Kollektiv) 

Samstag 28.12.2013
swiss rock a lot better

Chateau Noel 

Tar Queen (CH) 

Michael Beer & the Spaceships (CH) 

Kabak (CH) 

The Red County (CH) 

Second Hand (CH) 

Drama Queen (CH) 

Freitag 27.12.2013
let's get it on like ping pong in hong konk

Ping Pong 

Multitopspin DJ's 

Drop Shots & Beats 

Mittwoch 25.12.2013
knights of white satin


Mzelle Charlotte 

DJ Cuche 

Frank le Tank 

Dienstag 24.12.2013
the famous & legendary

X-mas Party 

Gregorythme - Live (Cityfox, Raoul Records) 

Dollar Mambo - Live (Nice Try Records) 

Princess P (RBMA, Dolce) 



Muddy Monk 

Samstag 21.12.2013
Singer Songwriter National Treasure

Sophie Hunger (CH) 

Faber (CH) 

Freitag 20.12.2013
roll to the goal


Visionnaires Extralucides 

Chick & Boum 

Donnerstag 19.12.2013
Electro, Big Beats, Old School HipHop - All night long


DJ & VJ Artmaillé 


Samstag 14.12.2013
drum & bass


Rollin John (Divercity) 

Sylek (Neurocide) 

Hosted by MC Mr.Bison (UK - New Bass Order) & MC Stone (Neurocide) 

Visuals by Franz Karl 

Emperor (Critical - UK) 

Freitag 13.12.2013
swiss beatmakers on stage

Beat Enoteca Vinyl Release Party 

Flex Fab 

Funk Bastard