Freitag 03.02.2017

Nick Waterhouse US

Mittwoch 08.02.2017

Jay-Jay Johanson SWE

Sonntag 12.02.2017

Plants and Animals CA

Freitag 17.02.2017

Duplex I House & Techno Night 

Samstag 18.02.2017

Duplex II UK Bass Night 


Samstag 31.12.2016

New Year's Eve o'clock tonight!

Freitag 30.12.2016

Tonight: Rösti o'clock

Mittwoch 28.12.2016

Tonight: Ping Pong o'clock


Donnerstag 19.01.2017
Metal, Sludge, Hardcore

Oh My F*cking God! 

Lilium Sova CH

Reaptile CH

Toast Machine CH

Afterparty with : 

DJ Claude Smoke Cold Smoke Records

DJ CopKiller Czar of Crickets Records

Freitag 20.01.2017
Soul-Funk to Boogie-Disco, Old School

Let Me Ride 

DJ Yogy 

Samstag 21.01.2017
The Baddest Bass in Town


MALUX UK | Bad Taste

Inca CH | Divercity

Ryck CH | Bern Bass

Sylek CH | Neurocide

Hosted by MC Stone 

Donnerstag 26.01.2017
Roots Reggae

Ital Cuts #19 

Zion Tree Sound System 

Freitag 27.01.2017
House, Disco, Techno & Unknown Groove

Autoreverse: Science, Bitch! 

DJ SCM Berlin | Warm Tapes Adjustement

Pascal Viscardi Genève | Traxx Underground

Marge Fribourg

Samstag 28.01.2017
You need to rock - they need support





DJ Aton Afterparty

Donnerstag 02.02.2017
Funky Grooves All Night Long, Vinyl Only! Move On Up, Get a Mixtape and Dance Your Ass Off!

Tape Deck Vol. 12 

Red Eye Flight 


Freitag 03.02.2017
Vintage Sould/Blues/Rock

Nick Waterhouse US

The Animen CH

DJs Trottles of the Dead Afterparty

Freitag 03.02.2017
Rhythm'n'Blues, Soul & Funk

Afterparty Soulville 

DJs Trottles of the Dead 

Samstag 04.02.2017
Studio 1157 invites Early Sounds Recordings | Live electronic, Disco, House

Session #4 

Mystic Jungle Tribe Live IT | Early Sounds Recordings, Periodica Records

Artmaillé Fribourg | Studio 1157

Bassina Fribourg | Studio 1157

Mittwoch 08.02.2017
"Whiskey" 20th anniversary

Jay-Jay Johanson SWE

Donnerstag 09.02.2017
The Finest Vodka Party!!! Gypsysound, Russendisko, Katjushka Beats, Balkan Brass

Disko Kasatchok 

Los Makos Soundkommune 

Freitag 10.02.2017

Rock’n’Roll Attack 

The Doogies 

Samstag 11.02.2017
Fri-Son fait son cinéma presents:

Valentine Movie Night 

Samstag 11.02.2017
Laisse tomber les filles présente:

Les Saintes-Valentines 

Mzelle Charlotte 

Dj Ngami 

Dj Ayo Wa 

Mo & The Dancing Queens